Template:Film Rugrats Go Wild! (also known as Rugrats Go Wild) is a 2003 Nickelodeon Movie. It is also the last Rugrats feature film. In this movie, the Rugrats meet the Wild Thornberrys.


Tommy and his friends are playing a game where Tommy imagines he is Nigel Thornberry, his hero. Unfortunately, the game is crashed by Angelica, as the scene changes back to real life and she bullies Tommy, in which she says he will never be his hero when he grows up.

All the Rugrats families are getting ready to go on a vacation on the Lipschitz cruise. When the arrive, everyone comes except for Susie's parents (Lucy is getting an award after discovering a new disease, and Randy is cutting the ribbon for the grand opening of the Dummi Bears theme park). Unfortunately, the cruise sails away without the gang. Stu comes in with his own sailboat to rescue the gang.

The gang has lots of fun on the sailboat. Just then, on the speaker Didi gets a signal and Charlotte calls to say that the gang is stranded in the middle of the ocean. On the other side of an island, Debbie Thornberry is on the phone with her mother. Darwin is about to eat a yummy stack of peanut butter toasts, but they fall down due to a storm.

Back on the Rugrats' sailboat, everyone attempts to go inside the boat, but there was a strong wind and the room was full of rats. Everyone successfully goes into the room safely, but some people are still on the deck. Just then, Charlotte's cell phone drowns into the water. And what's worse, the boat gets a leak and sinks. Chaz finds a way to get out of the boat, which causes another leak. Then, Betty dives into the water to get Dil's pacifier. The gang climbs onto a raft and abandons the ship, very sad. Angelica sings a song to make everyone happy again and Spike comes onto the boat, drastically pushing Cynthia into the water, which disappoints Angelica.

The next day, everyone arrives at the front of the island (where we met the Thornberrys), and there on the sand lay Cynthia! Angelica is overjoyed to have her doll back. But just then, the raft floats away and pops via boulder.

On the other side, Marianne and Nigel come back from their journey of finding a clouded leopard. Drastically, Debbie and Eliza yell about what they do with family. And Donnie throws cupcakes at Debbie's face.