Rhinoceritis! is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats. It aired on October 10, 1993. Its sister episode is Tricycle Thief.


Angelica, playing doctor with her “Binks McGill Doctor Kit”, tells Chuckie he has “Rhinoceritis”, a disease that will turn him into a rhino. When Chuckie feels a bump beginning to grow on his head, he believes Angelica’s diagnosis is true. - Description from Klasky Csupo.


Drew, covered in bandages, walks up to Stu’s door. Stu doesn’t know what happened to Drew. Drew says his daughter, Angelica, in a doctor costume, says she’s going to be a doctor, since she watches Binks McGill a lot. Angelica says she cured her doll, Cynthia, after an accident. Drew says that Angelica is a doctor expert and he lets her play with her friends. Drew then needed Didi to help prepare Stu’s taxes. Stu says he has it all under control.

Tommy walks up to Angelica and asks what is in Angelica’s purse, which is actually a “Binks McGill Doctor Kit.” Angelica says she is a brain surgeon. The babies don’t know who a surgeon is. Angelica saw Spike laying on the grass. She thought he didn’t feel good. She covered him with bandages. Spike got up and ran very fast. While Drew and Didi were doing the taxes, Spike ran and knocked down the table. Drew was mad and angrily called Angelica’s name. Angelica says she didn’t do it. Stu looked at the knocked-down table and was afraid that the two adults were going to mess up his system.

Angelica cackled and knew how fast Spike ran. She cured Spike. She thinks she’s the best doctor on Earth. Chuckie said that Drew got mad. Angelica thinks Drew is mad because he got threatened by lurking lemon. Angelica thinks Chuckie isn’t feeling well. Angelica opens Chuckie’s mouth. She checked her “Medical Book” and said Chuckie had the case of “Rhinoceritis.” The babies wanted to know what “Rhinoceritis” is. Angelica says Rhinoceritis is the worst disease there is. First, you get really angry, next your skin turns grey and scaly, then your feet grow together like hooves, you get burnt on your back, you eat grass, and finally, you get a big, ugly horn on the middle of your forehead. Chuckie felt fine, but Angelica says he’ll start to change. Angelica thinks Chuckie is angry, but Chuckie gets angry. Angelica saw something grey on Chuckie’s arm. It was a scab. Angelica says the scab is rhinoceros skin. It will soon cover his whole body.