Phil DeVille

Phil DeVille


Phil 300


Nicknames(s) Phil
Age 1%
Parents Betty and Howard
Series information
First seen Tommy's First Birthday
Real Name Phillip Joseph DeVille
Portrayer Katie Source
Phil DeVille is a main character of both the Rugrats Television series and it's spin off series, All Grown Up!, appearing in most episodes of both series. Phil has a twin sister called Lil DeVille who he is very close to.


They were both one year and three months old. Phil and Lil were twins who were alike in every possible way, and were even dressed to match: both wore pink with black-pinstripe shirts and turquoise outfits (Phil's being a shirt and Lil's being a dress) with a handkerchief on the left side and a duck on the right, and both had a small amount of brown hair on top of their oddly-shaped heads. Phil wore blue shoes and shorts and was drawn (for the most part) without ear lobes (episodes from 1996 to early 1999 and The Rugrats Movie show Phil with ear lobes). Phil is younger than Lil by two minutes. They also shared the same interest: consuming worms (which they have often called "Chocolate Spaghetti") and toilet water. They often used their "full" names, Phillip and Lillian, against one another when arguing. Their parents, Betty and Howard, often confused the two despite permanent differences, like the ears, as well as (of course) their genders. It is often believed in various fan circles that the inspiration for their names may have come from Ayn Rand's book Atlas Shrugged, which features two in-law characters named Phillip Hardride and Lillian Rearden.GALLERY? You can find Phil DeVilles gallery here