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Nicknames(s) Kimi
Age 1 1/2-2
Parents Kira (Mother), Chaz (Step-Father), more...
Series information
First seen Rugrats In Paris
Real Name Kimiko Watanabe Finster
Portrayer Dionne Quan
Kimiko "Kimi" Watanabe-Finster is a fictional character on the animated television series Rugrats and spin-off All Grown Up!. She first appeared in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie in 2000.


Kimi was the last addition to the cast of Rugrats, making her first appearance in the second Rugrats movie, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. She is depicted as being chubby with purplish-black hair, tied up in three pigtails on top of her head. She wears a pink short-sleeved shirt, yellow dress with a purple cat on it, wearing a diaper underneath like Lil, frilly pink ankle-high socks and purple cowgirl boots. In her first appearance, she wears a frilly yellow short sleeved dress with the same blue cat. She also wears the same diaper and the same heels. She was introduced as Chuckie's nauseatingly adorable and unbearably beautiful new tomboy stepsister, after her lovely mother, Kira, married Chuckie's father, Chaz, after she divorced Hiro Watanabe, Kimi's biological father. This marriage and the changes it brought to the Finster family were used in Rugrats to teach the child viewers, by demonstration, about adapting to such drastic changes caused by divorce and remarriage. She turns 2 in the show's series finale Kimi Takes The Cake. She doesn’t appear in the old Rugrats theme song, but her role in the new theme song is hiding in the sandbox with a bucket on her head and running to the cookies Didi was giving. GALLERY? You can find Kimi Finster gallery here.


In Rugrats, the one and a half year old Kimi was portrayed as very brave and often stumbled into dangerous situations she was too naïve to recognize, often bringing her new stepbrother, Chuckie, along, much to his dismay. He described her as "another Tommy" upon meeting her. Despite her cuteness and beauty, she is just as adventurous as Tommy and cares for her friends. She laughs in the eye of danger and is always looking for an adventure with a smile on her face.