Charlotte Pickles


Good News, Bad News 10


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Age 34 (Rugrats)
44 (All Grown Up!)
61 (Age in 2018)
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First seen The Santa Experience
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Portrayer Tress MacNeille
Charlotte McSell-Pickles is Angelica's very attractive and unbearably beautiful mother, as well as Drew's wife. Charlotte is strong-willed and assertive. She loves her daughter and wants her to be a strong, independent and accomplished woman like her when she grows older. She does shares feminist beliefs with Betty Deville and tries to make her mark in her words "a male dominanted society". She is almost always seen talking on her cell phone to her colleague, Jonathan, or some other business client. Angelica deeply loves and respects her mother, wanting to be just as lovely as her. She greatly enjoys the attention her mother gives her. In All Grown Up Charlotte still works as an executive, and has visibly undergone plastic surgery leaving her with a permenant smile.

Character BioEdit

Just what does Charlotte Pickles do for a living? As she explains to her daughter Angelica: "A corporation is like a big, hungry monster. My job is to find plenty of smaller, weaker monsters for it to eat." Never out of her business suit, Charlotte has a cellular phone permanently affixed to her ear, through which she wheels and deals with high-powered honchos, sheiks, and her long-suffering assistant, Jonathan. She'd be lost without her sister-in-law Didi, who is willing to babysit for Angelica at all hours. Feeling a bit guilty about her workaholic ways, Charlotte lavishes gifts on her daughter, which is just fine with the spoiled Angelica.

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